A Living Legacy

St Augustine School Girls Department Circa 1958

St Augustine School Girls Department Circa 1958

Founded in 1910, St Augustine School (SAS) started out as a mission school erected and run by the Belgian nuns and priests (CICM) who came to Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, Philippines to help spread the Good News. A short history of the school may be found at the SAS Ai WIKI. The last 103 years has seen the steady ascent of SAS as the premier private school of Ilocos Sur province. SAS Alumni work, live, set up private practice as doctors, engineers, certified public accountants, registered nurses, and do entrepreneurial commerce internationally.

Today’s global economy makes the job market keen and competitive. We have bright, promising and highly motivated kids in the community who come from very disadvantaged families and thus are financially unable to attend SAS high school.

It is so that these kids may get an opportunity to finish high school at SAS that our non-profit organization SAS Ai dedicates and commits its efforts. We solely rely on public financial support. To this end we humbly ask you to please generously donate to the scholarship fund. This is the only way we can fund these kids’ high school education.

We believe Education is Freedom. These children have known nothing but poverty, hunger, and even hopelessness throughout their lives. But they are the future. Investing in their high school education makes possible the ushering in of a living legacy – the next generation of teachers, scientists, doctors, engineers, civic leaders, clerics, fathers and mothers raising healthy families, and highly competitive overseas workers.

This holiday season, we ask you to please consider making your charitable contribution count. Invest in these kids. Help make their dreams come true. Give them an opportunity to finish high school. A $50 dollar tax deductible donation can help send a student for one month of schooling with the funding spread to cover tuition, books, school supplies, and school uniforms. You can even open a monthly allotment using your VISA, MASTER CARD, or DISCOVER card. Any amount you want to donate is truly appreciated and will help tremendously.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Registration Day is Here

Registration Day

Registration Day is a Happy Day specially for the new SAS Ai scholars

2013. A new school year at SAS. New faces. New surroundings. Overwhelmed by the registration activities, pre-school activities, and meetings with the Field Team, our new SAS Ai scholars move about in a daze. Our returning scholars move with more ease and purpose. Exciting and at the same time emotionally draining, our “newbies” go through the day’s registration activities.

Certainly a highlight of registration day covers the fitting of school uniforms. T-Shirt and Pants for the boys, a blouse and a skirt for the girls. A pair of rubber shoes and socks for the boys and a pair of patent leather shoes and socks for the girls. For most of our scholars, if not all, life hasn’t been very giving. These kids live in austere, spartan surroundings.  This would be the first time they would actually enjoy trying on new clothes and shoes – quite a thrill for all of them.

Foremost in our minds are our generous donors, contributors to our scholarship fund, without whose support and charitable actions, our goal and mission would not be in place for these bright kids. We take this time to thank all our supporters and contributors. Please continue to send in your donations to the scholarship fund.

Our Field Team facilitates and handles the registration activities making sure all our scholars receive proper attention. This makes for a long day for our Field Team members.

Scholarship Costs

SAS High School Scholar

SAS Ai scholar and recent high school graduate Nesza Camonas

It costs $540 dollars USD to send one scholar to one year of SAS high school. This $540 pays for:

  • Tuition and matriculation
  • Books and Publications
  • Computer LAB fees
  • School Uniforms – pants and shirt for the boys, and blouse and skirt for the girls
  • Boys’ pair of rubber shoes
  • Girls’ pair of patent leather shoes
  • Pairs of socks
  • Athletic wear
  • School supplies – pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, sewing kit, crayons, stationery
  • USB stick flash drive for computer work storage
  • Internet CAFE fee for online research and email
  • Miscellaneous fees
  • Major school project needs

Other costs involve funding for out-of-classroom activities, such as, picnics, educational excursions to provincial landmarks and historic places, hosted sleep overs to promote camaraderie, effective leadership qualities, social development and bonding amongst the scholars.

(Above Photo at right) Nesza Camonas graduated with First Honors from SAS high school, placing next and right after the class Salutatorian. She lost by 14 hundredths of a point. Nesza Camonas was an exceptionally gifted student whose broken family is being held together by her maternal grandmother. Her parents separated and no longer are in touch leaving Nesza under the care of her aging grandmother.