Arthien Lovell Pelingen, Sophomore, University of the Philippines

Arthien Lovell Pelingen, SAS Ai Scholar, Graduated Class Salutatorian 2011-12

Arthien Lovell Pelingen, SAS Ai Scholar, Graduated Class Salutatorian 2011-12

One of our most successful SAS Ai scholars, Arthien Lovell Pelingen (photo at left courtesy of UP Galleria Studios) who graduated Class Salutatorian, SAS Ai 2011-12, sent us this letter, sharing with us how he is doing at the University of the Philippines where he is a Sophomore Biology student::

Dear SAS Ai,
This is Arthien Lovell Pelingen, a graduate of Saint Augustine’s School in 2012 and have experienced a 1 year-scholarship under your organization. It’s been more than a year since I haven’t updated you all about my present whereabouts. I’m sorry about that.
I am currently enrolled in the University of the Philippines as a Sophomore Biology Student. Second semester just started a week ago. There are only few works to do right now so I thought of sending a message to you.
College life is really different to that of high school one. Every second within the classroom really counts. If in high school, i can get a high grade without reviewing, in college, sleepless nights are not enough to get a passing grade. However, with the grace of God, I’m able to get good grades.
To finance my studies, I grabbed the opportunity of being a Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) Scholar since I passed their exam. This agency subsidizes all the fees I need to pay in the university. Also, they supply monthly allowances for my accommodation here in the city.
Now, I think it’s time to end my letter. I’ll find time again to send another message one of these days. – /Signed Arthien Lovell Pelingen.
SAS Ai takes great pride of our scholars and their achievements. SAS Ai is a non-profit organization recognized by the IRS as a public charity under the 501(c)(3) tax code. Our mission is to help bright, highly motivated students who come from disadvantaged families get a good high school education at SAS via financial aid. Join us in our mission. DONATE NOW to the scholarship fund.

Going Back to School; I’m Excited – by Fegie Yvette Layco

Fegie Yvette Layco, SAS Ai Scholar Class 2011-12

Fegie Yvette Layco, SAS Ai Scholar Class 2011-12

School’s starting once again. There’s excitement in the air. I never thought I’d feel this way about school. First of all, going back to school and stepping up to the next higher level, or rung means progress, advancement, achievement – one step forward toward the finish line.

At the moment I feel like sprinting, dashing toward that yellow ribbon… both my arms up in the air, palms opened and waving to the crowd, I’m gasping for air with every sinew in my body aching… but the race… it’s won – Yay! That’s all that’s on my mind right at this moment. But wait. First things first. I am getting way ahead of myself.

Field Team Director, Mr Albert Bunoan met with us SAS Ai scholars and our parents today. He welcomed us back to the SAS campus and exuberantly announced before the end of the day we would all be enrolled and registered. The room burst into instant, unrehearsed but organized pandemonium. Shouts, howls, yells, screams, and shrieks of joy and jubilation drowned Mr Bunoan’s voice but only for a few seconds. He restored order quickly and continued, “Today we also get all our school supplies!” The applause was about to erupt once again but Mr Bunoan was quick to add, “Though not until we go over certain points.”

Scholar's school supplies

Scholar’s school supplies


“What could Mr Bunoan mean?” I thought. I felt somewhat uneasy. Mr Bunoan had my undivided attention now and I craned my head to catch every word he had to say.

“Dear scholars and parents,” he began. “Welcome back. Today SAS Ai proudly announces school year 2013 open and you are the reason for the mission.” Mr Bunoan paused for a sip of water. “Let us work together to make 2013 our best year, welcoming those joining our community for the first time.” Mr Bunoan outlined our responsibilities as SAS Ai scholars and the responsibilities of our parents supportive of our schooling. He was most thorough. Critical things like good grades, perfect attendance, personal behavior and development, humility and honesty, and most of all that we enjoy our learning experiences. Yes – that is why I am so excited to go back to school. I enjoy learning.


The mind is like a field. The furrows are straight. Ready for the seeds of Knowledge to be sown.

Each day on my way to school I pass by the open fields. Some parts of the fields lay fallow while some parts look plowed and cleaned, tilled and readied for the planting. My mind goes through images, scenarios and a collage of mental artwork only I can appreciate. I think to myself, “What if my mind is like that field over there,” I look to my right and see the neat and straight furrows.The soil looks fertile, ready for the seeds.

Isn’t that the same as going to school and learning? Our minds are like fertile fields. We prepare the soil in neat furrows, straight and single-minded, focused and ready for the seeds of knowledge to be sown by the teacher. That is why we go to school.

“Hey Fegie,” I heard a voice. It was Mr Bunoan. “Are you ready for 2013? Are you going for the honor roll again this year?”

Feeling a bit embarrassed for my dizzy-fantasyheadedness I blurted out, “Of course Mr B… yes Sir I am going for the ribbon…” is it the yellow ribbon of the race’s end or the red ribbon of the honor roll… gosh, I don’t know, but I am going for it.

Thanks SAS Ai for this opportunity to go back to school. Thanks for all your caring, kindness and generosity.

We are ready and hummin’. Education is freedom! Yay!

School Year 2012 Honor Roll and Parangal Awards

Mr Albert D Bunoan, Field Team Leader filed this report on 3-16-2013
School year 2012 proved to be another good year for SAS Ai Scholars. We proudly announce to all our donors, sponsors, supporters, and backers the names of those scholars who made it to this school year’s Honor roll:
  1. Fegie Yvette Layco – 7th Grade
  2. Juzel Ann Macanas – 7th Grade
  3. Mariella Stephanie Lynne Tacho – Sophomore
  4. Karen Paola Makil – Junior
We also proudly recognize the following scholars for “almost” making it to the Honor roll but for hundredths of a point. They have worked hard all year and gave it their best shot:
  • Melvie Legaspina – Sophomore
  • Jonel Leal – Junior

PARANGAL Awards – given annually to students who:

  • Exemplify themselves in, or excel in school activities other than academics. For example, Quiz Bees, Intramural sports/athletics and other inter-scholastic competition in the field of Journalism and/or the Arts
  • Participate in community programs, such as, helping typhoon victims, cleaning public streets, trash disposal, and other forms of community volunteer work
  • Participate in leadership training, workshops and seminars

The following scholars received the PARANGAL award:

  • Fegie Yvette Layco – 7th Grade
  • Mariella Stephanie Lynne Tacho – Sophomore
  • Karen Paola Makil – Junior
  • Jonel Leal – Junior

Report cards made available on April 4, 2013.

Karen Paola Makil, SAS Ai’s Topnotch Scholar

Karen's Dad pins Karen's honor roll ribbon in 2012

Above photo shows Mr Makil proudly pinning Karen’s honor roll ribbon (she is holding the honor certificate). Karen is all smiles.

Ever since her Freshman year three years ago, Karen Paola Makil has distinguished herself as the “perennial Honor Roll scholar” of SAS Ai. She hasn’t missed a year yet.

She has won more Founders Medal awards than any other SAS Ai scholar. The Founders medal is awarded for exemplary scholastic achievement work, responsible citizenship and leadership abilities. Karen exemplifies all these traits and characteristics.

The photo at left shows Karen Paola at the 2012 end of year commencement exercises. Again she garnered a decent position in the Honor Roll. Here we see Mr Makil proudly pinning Karen’s honor roll ribbon while she holds and shows off her certificate. Karen stands as an excellent example of a motivated and responsible student who shows her appreciation for the scholarship assistance by performing at her best always. Her performance shows how an assistance program, such as, SAS Ai’s can truly help bright kids who come from poor families get a good high school education at SAS.

Honor Roll Student Jonel Leal

Honor Roll Student Jonel Leal

(L-R) Mrs Monica Leal and her son Jonel Leal. Jonel received an honor roll ribbon for the school year 2012 honor roll. His mother proudly pinned the ribbon on Jonel’s shirt.

Jonel is a junior going to his senior year in high school. He has maintained good grades and has remained competitive with other honor roll scholars.

Jonel is a very bright young man with ambition. He brings much pride to SAS Ai and the scholarship program.