Typhoon “Lawin” Damage

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Convent Roof Compromised

If my memory serves me right, the last typhoon that flooded Tagudin and outlying areas, tore up buildings and homes happened earlier this year or sometime late last year. That storm brought rains that made the river waters rise, overflowing its banks, inundating its tributaries with tons of water-borne mud, rocks, and debris that came raging downstream. Barangays like Sawat were cut off and the emergency response units had to ferry folks and their livestock to higher ground on make shift rubber rafts and other motorized water craft.

Another typhoon came by recently, only this time it didn’t spare the town proper. It directly hit the Sister’s convent. The hurricane-force winds tore up the convent roof made up largely of nailed corrugated tin sheets. Once the tiny swirls of dervishes (tornadoes) whirling along the fringes


Ceiling slats couldn’t keep the rain off of convent furnishings

of the major gusts found the exposed seams of the corrugated tin sheets, it was only a matter of time until the entire roof was ripped off of its sub-roof foundations and underlayment.

With the roof compromised, the convent became a veritable open vessel for the torrential downpour. You can just imagine the devastating effect of the unchecked water pouring freely on exposed furniture, books, filing cabinets, chapel statuary, beds, linens, and other household items.


Mayor Jun Verzosa inspecting the damage to the Sisters Convent

Headed by Mayor Jun Verzosa, local government officials inspected the damage to assess the repair costs. The ICM Sisters sent out requests for financial help to the alumni at large. SAS Batch 1958, headed by Mr & Mrs Niceto and Delia Batac of San Diego, CA., along with Engr Apolonio and Emilie Villanueva, Mr & Mrs Sam and Lolita Hassan, Mr & Mrs Fred and Margarita Lasmarias to name a few, immediately collected contributions and sent the amount to Sr. Nida


SAS Class 1958 at the SAS Centennial

Buyuccan, ICM and Sr. Connie Gacutan, ICM.

We ask all fellow Augustinians to please take a few moments to make a generous donation toward the repair of the badly damaged Sister’s Convent. Thank you.


A Letter from Cailyn Templeton

Cailyn Templeton Letter

Cailyn Templeton, an 8th grader from Tuffree Middle School in Placentia, CA writes us about her desire to help our noble charity.

Addressed to “Whom It May Concern,” Cailyn sent her letter to our SAS Ai Treasurer in Ashburn, VA. Cailyn serendipitously pointed to where we send our much needed donations to the scholarship fund.

It came as a pleasant surprise for us that such a young person like Cailyn can feel for our mission and cause. She attends Tuffree Middle School in Placentia, CA under the tutelage of Mr Michael Young, who teaches language arts at Tuffree.

We are going to respond to her request for resources. Though we have limited resources since we are a small non-profit organization, we will send Cailyn what we have in terms of postcards and brochures. We will also point to her our various websites where she can direct others interested to know more about our mission.

Thank you Cailyn for your interest.