St Augustine School

SAS Campus – Main school building and Church Plaza

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION – I want to attend SAS high school but I need financial help. How do I apply for help?

ANSWER – The financial help offered by the SAS Ai scholarship program has two (2) basic requirements:

(1) Applicant is academically ready, strong, and has a grade point average of 87% or higher, and

(2) Applicant comes from a poor family with an annual gross income of not more than P90,000 (Philippine pesos), roughly $1900 US dollars.

If you meet both requirements then you may apply for acceptance to the scholarship program. Applying to the scholarship program is not a guarantee of acceptance. It puts you in the running for acceptance among other applicants.

QUESTION – How are the finalists for scholarship selected from among the applicants?

ANSWER – The selection process begins with your declaration of intent. All candidates wanting to apply take an admission PRE-TEST. This combination achievement and aptitude pre-test finds out what you have learned and your potential to learn. The subjects covered include Math and Science, Arithmetic, English, General Knowledge, Reading Comprehension, and Social Studies.

After you pass the pre-test, you fill out a formal application that includes a written essay, followed by an interview. Your competitiveness depends on the correctness of your filled out and signed application form, the strength of your essay, and your personal interview.

After the interview, semi-finalists get a home visit. It is important the parents and candidate are present during the home visit. Next, the scholarship committee selects the finalists from among the semi-finalists who made it through the home visit.

QUESTION – When should I contact the SAS Ai Field Office to let them know of my interest in applying for scholarship help?

ANSWER – Provided you meet the two basic requirements, you should begin informing the Field Office (SAAC) of your interest as soon as you finish 6th grade.

QUESTION – Can any student apply for financial aid?

ANSWER – Only students who strongly desire and want to graduate SAS high school need apply.

QUESTION – What does the SAS Ai scholarship program pay for?

ANSWER – The SAS Ai financial aid program, besides being the most generous, complete, sought after and most coveted scholarship program today, pays for tuition and fees.

The SAS Ai financial aid program also pays for intangible school costs, such as:  mentoring, coaching, email classroom experiences, educational excursions, sleep-overs, picnics, and group study sessions.

Contact us if you have other questions about the program. Browse our website: www.sasaiinc.com

DONATIONS to the School Fund from our friends in CANADA

Please donate to the school fund to help bright kids from poor families finish SAS high school with financial aid. St Augustine School Alumni International is a non-profit organization recognized by the the IRS under the 501(c)(3) tax code. All donations are tax deductible.



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