There were mornings I didn’t want to get up from bed. This was one of those mornings.


Night Rain

It rained during the night. I fell asleep to the soft, intricate maracas-like sounds of raindrops falling on the co-goon grass roof of our small and humble cottage. The rhythmic sounds were further made into tight percussion riffs by the crickets and night crawlers chirping, by the tiny fruit bats with their syncopated chomping on “kapas-sanglay” fruit, and by the herd of cicadas playing their inebriating kazoo music from the stand of acacia trees.


Gardenia – Rosal

I woke up to the familiar, musky, animal dropping laced smell of freshly soaked ground – a parched patch of earth that once stood arid and dry for many weeks. The ground percolated and came alive with the rich water infusion, loosening small boulders and clods into mud, awakening the docile earthworms already on the job, laboriously digging, burrowing, all the while leaving round, marble-shaped mud mounds in their wake.

The pervasive scent of flora came from the gardenia, its white blossoms giving out that sweet, unadulterated perfume. Then there were the sweet-sop trees, their branches sagging under the weight of ripening fruit. The guavas, pomelo trees, and goose berries added to the


Atis – SweetSop

overall garden aroma, accented only by the blooming orchids hanging in their coconut husk nests.

From my cot bed I filled my lungs with healthful rain-cleansed morning air. The spectacular sunrise burst out in splendor lighting up the morning firmament; I wasn’t moved. I just wanted to linger and lounge on my cot bed, wax the grateful dead, oblivious


Pan de Sal

to life itself and remaining zombie-like.

And so I tarried, half-asleep, but enjoying the smell of freshly brewing roasted-rice coffee. I heard the familiar cry, “Pan de Sal,”… “Pan de Sal,”… the Doppler effect taking over the sound fading into the distance.


My Office… in disarray, failing environmentally

ductfloridahomeGenerally speaking, our house feels comfortable throughout. I contend that here in Florida, we only have three seasons – Winterspring, Summer and Fall. Yes it may get cold in Winter and we may have freezes every now and then but snow doesn’t normally fall in Florida.

Florida Summers, spoiled only by humid dog days in the Southland, are grand and sunshiny bright. Fall arrives as a welcome respite from the out of control heat wave. By and large, we’ve enjoyed living here for the past 13 years.

We installed fans, air conditioning systems, a heated pool and even an emergency generator. Of all the rooms in the house, the master bedroom presents the most balanced climate control. Never humid, never dry, never just plain cold – the ambient temperature remains at a very comfortable range.

ductofficeThe upstairs rooms vary in degrees of feel. Though not overly air-conditioned, like a theater, the room temperatures remain at a constant level of control. The only room that acts up intermittently is my office. Loaded with three, clunky desktop computers, two networked laser printers, a fax machine, old overhead projectors, slide projectors, reel-to-reel tapes from yesteryear, my office resembles a repository movie set in the Harry Potter series. But wasn’t it Albert Einstein who said, and I am paraphrasing, “A clean office is indicative of an idle mind” or some such thing. So it comforts me to think that my office in utter disarray presents an image of a fertile, creative and productive mind.

duct-cleaningB4AfterI am proud of my Harry Potter repository office. But there is a problem. It gets warm and humid in my office. I suspect the ducts need cleaning. Either that or I need a bigger portable, stand alone air conditioner. Which I will never get, by the way, because I’ve been told there is no budget for such luxury items. The ducts haven’t been inspected in three or so years. Maybe I’ll talk to duct cleaning folks, like professional duct cleaners fromĀ I wonder how much it costs to have a good total duct system clean-up. With Summer in full blast, perhaps now would be a good time to investigate such a clean-up project.

ductcleanofficeWe’re having a family budget meeting tonight. I will ask the family CFO if this “comfort” project has funding possibilities. I feel good just thinking about it. Maybe we can finally get it done. It’s been a long time coming.

I believe my office can look and should look clean and organized… like this photo at right. I have my task in front of me. First I need to prove my project to sort of “grease the skids for,” or insinuate a budget.

So as not to provoke arguments, “human comfort” could be a good and compelling reason for a clean up. If not, I can always plead “for health reasons”. Couldn’t I?

(All photos courtesy of BING)