Still Excited About the Program


President & CEO Melanie P Florentino

A note from our President & CEO, Ms Melanie P Florentino, MAEd, on our SAS AI financial aid and outreach program.

She is talking about the degree of dedication and commitment practiced and displayed by members of the board. More specifically she speaks of her own personal feelings about being a part of SAS Ai after all these years:

“The excitement and joy I now feel are actually more intense compared to how I felt when we first started the program. And these feelings are further intensified during year-end recognition and awards ceremonies. Nothing compares to seeing and hearing from our scholars and their parents, how happy and proud, and at the same time grateful for SAS Ai and all the kind and generous people behind the organization.

This is a testament that SAS Ai is true to its mission of helping, not only disadvantaged kids, but kids who are driven to excel and succeed in their high school studies. We are not asking anything in return from them, but I think they have paid off more than enough with their exemplary academic achievements, personal growth, and social development.

It’s always a humbling experience to participate in the various activities we do with our students. I am forever thankful for this honor and privilege of being part of SAS Ai.”


With hard hat on, she is on the job and enjoying it.

Our President & CEO, Ms Melanie P Florentino, MAEd, remains one of the staunchest supporters and strongest advocates for the financial aid program. We offer this outreach to deserving students in Tagudin, Ilocos Sur and neighboring townships because we believe Education is Freedom.

We believe that it would be a crime to waste a brilliant mind.

SAS Ai, Inc. is a non-profit organization recognized by the IRS under the 501(c)(3) tax code. All donations to the school fund are tax deductible to the extent afforded by law.