Rite of Passage (ROP)

Ms Phoebe Balala

Phoebe Balala – 7th grade

Phoebe came to the SAS Ai family, from Barangay Pula, about six years ago, having just graduated from 6th grade in the elementary school system. She and her family asked for financial aid to finish her high school education at St Augustine School. SAS Ai accepted her application. That was then.

Ms Phoebe Balala, SAS Ai Class 2018

This year she graduates SAS high school with honors. We look at her today and our reaction is, “Wow! Who is this sharp-looking young lady? Why it’s Phoebe! Where has time gone?”

Phoebe truly exerted her best effort slogging through high school making it to the honor roll. She wrote and filed a couple of beautiful reports about her out-of-the-classroom-job-immersion program experiences. In those reports she spoke eloquently about how she was drawn to those whom she helped. She felt she had an obligation to help those from the community seeking help.

We can say with confidence to Phoebe, “Good luck Phoebe. We know you are very competitive and at the same time compassionate. You will go far!”

Ms Fegie Yvette Layco

Fegie Yvette Layco, 7th Grade

Fegie Yvette’s athleticism percolated to the surface gradually. She blossomed as an athlete late in her 8th grade year. By then she was playing in the school’s varsity volleyball team, spiking the ball so hard and so precisely that she instilled terror in her opponents. She also joined the dance troupe that won several regional and provincial contest awards. She’s a good dancer with excellent moves.

Ms Fegie Yvette Layco, SAS Ai Class 2018

Fegie Yvette attended St Augustine School all throughout elementary school maintaining good grades with a Grade Point Average of 89% or better.

She, her parents, and family were forthright about their request for financial assistance based on family employment setbacks and other health concerns.

Fegie Yvette is very outgoing and makes friends easily. She’s sharp and is very competitive. She’ll go far!

Ms Juzel Ann Macanas


Juzel Ann Macanas – 7th grade

Juzel Ann joined the SAS Ai family from Libtong. She graduated valedictorian of her 6th grade class. All thru high school, she maintained her competitive edge in academics, student government involvement, and community work participation.



Juzel Ann Macanas, SAS Ai Class 2018

She’s graduating high school this year with hard-earned and well deserved high honors.


We believe that Juzel will go places and do many good things. She will continue to be a productive member of society. She will also be an advocate for the needy, just as she is today, helping distribute food to the poor and needy in her community.

She will also participate in the arts just as she did during the Libtong fiesta where she competed in the “Libtong’s Got Talent”. But most of all, Juzel will be successful because of her strength. She has deep faith – in God and in those with whom she works.

Ms Reggie Ann Padiwan


Reggie Ann Padiwan – 9th grade

Reggie joined our SAS Ai Family when she was in the ninth grade. She hails from Sigay, Ilocos Sur. Sigay is a municipality a few kilometers north of Tagudin, where the SAS campus is located.



Reggie Ann Padiwan, SAS Ai Class 2018

Sigay is a beautiful town nestled in the mountains, complete with waterfalls and green forests that rim the rice fields and other cleared patches for cultivation. The climate is temperate and accented by the chilly mornings specially in December.


It appeared that Reggie’s family source of tuition assistance fell into hard times caused by deteriorating health. She and her family searched for other sources of help. When Reggie’s family approached SAS Ai, there was no question in everybody’s mind (members of the board) that she deserved the help. She has been with us ever since.

Reggie’s strength is in her consistency. You can always count on Reggie to file She regularly files updates and reports on what is going on with the scholars on campus, their activities, their trips and adventures.

Ms Jazelle Rose A Peck


Jazelle Rose A Peck – 10th grade

Jazelle Rose joined the SAS Ai family when she was in the 10th grade. Her father, who lives and works in Singapore, suffered a heart attack and got laid off work. He could no longer send money to help with Jazelle’s tuition.


Jazelle Rose A Peck, SAS Ai Class 2018

Jazelle and her Mom, and members of the SAS faculty sought help from SAS Ai. She had maintained good grades, was part of the campus journalists for the school paper, and also was very active in student government.


We believe that part of SAS Ai’s mission is to extend help to deserving students, who suddenly find themselves no longer able to pay tuition because of circumstances beyond their control. Such was the case with Jazelle Rose.

This year, she’s graduating high school with honors. What a journey it has been. We know Jazelle will do well in whatever field she chooses to enter.

We are so proud of all of our graduating students:  Phoebe, Fegie Yvette, Juzel Ann, Reggie Ann, and Jazelle Rose.

(All photos courtesy of Ms Margarita Bayan, SAS Ai Student Affairs Coordinator)