This New Technology

KarenMakilCristinaJavier01Almost 90% of our staff volunteers work and reside overseas. Some in Canada, many in the US. We have a member who works in Singapore, another one in Israel and two more based in Italy. Our main high school campus is in the Philippines. The students in our program attend school there. Our Field Team is based there locally in the town of Tagudin, province of Ilocos Sur. As you can well imagine, we use electronic mail as our primary mode of communication.

We also have a virtual classroom set up to give our students online learning experiences. A flurry of online discussions happens weekly and our Internet service provider back in the Philippines is left scrambling most of the time. “More bandwidth,” our Field Team would scream. “Where is the IT department?”

BimmangaGradSmallSASAiMy goodness, an IT department? These guys are very young and are used to smart phones, twitter, social networks. Us older folks are content with pen and paper. My, my, where has time gone. Not a day passes when we get call cut offs, down time because of power fluctuations back in the Philippines. During scheduled corporate meetings, our conference calls sometimes turn into nightmarish sounding conversations. “Unclean, unclean!” is the mantra – not too far removed from the greeting of the lepers of old when coming upon a group of healthy people.

We are still in the primitive stages of Internet technology. Wouldn’t it be grand if we had access to the services of an organization like so we can begin to clean up our act? This would mean less frustrated volunteers, less disheartened students and a more fluid and smoother communication stream all the way.