Curb Appeal

bluegrassstarterhomeWe had a small house in San Diego that we were getting ready to put on the market. Henry Pena, our realtor, told us, “For a really smooth, no-hassle and quick sale, mind the curb appeal.” We were young and inexperienced. We were just handed our military transfer orders and we were hustling. What a deal.

We didn’t know anything about curb appeal, much less selling a house. My wife called her friends and they gave her some ideas. I talked with some of my friends in church. They told me not to bother.

“The market is good,” they said. “They will buy your house even if it is an outhouse.” How comforting. Thanks a lot. I left them with their stale beer.

bluegrasslandscapingWe were learning that Real Estate agents insist on curb appeal. It makes their job easier, less of a drag. It is one reason that could help facilitate a sale of a property, or without it, a subtle rejection. What exactly is curb appeal? Well, in our own interpretation, curb appeal refers to how the property appears to a passerby who’s looking at the house from the curb. It’s just how the house looks at first glance from a distance.

The analogy is this. Curb appeal is to a house listed for sale, as a résumé is to a job seeker applying to be hired. For example, if you were looking to market your skills, or trying to be hired, your résumé should stand out and speak for you in the most positive and glowing terms. For a house, curb appeal entices or beckons to a prospective buyer to go past the gate, enter the property for a look-see. For a job seeker, a résumé compels the hiring manager to grant an interview. It gets your foot in the door.

bluegrasslandscaping2We heard it from the pros that a well sodded, manicured and landscaped yard is usually a sign that the property is well-tended, maintained and treated with TLC. We contacted a local landscape company and negotiated a price. Halfway into the job, we observed and decided they weren’t too experienced, but we were already underway and into the job. Suffice it to say that in the future, if we were to sell our home again and need sod and landscaping work, we would look for a company like These folks are professionals in their field. Their biggest draw is their affordability. A decent job for a reasonable price.

Try them and let us know what you think.