Household Chores – I hate them!

Dirty oven begging for a cleaning

Dirty oven begging for a cleaning

We have a double oven and it works great. Broil in one and bake in the other. Entrée and dessert being prepared at the same time. How cool is that?

But there are times when the digital controls become unresponsive. Such failures to run are becoming more regular. I’d push and push on the dial face but nothing comes up on the display panel. I get so frustrated.

The other day I popped a rump roast in the upper chamber. It was noticeably dark in there even with the appliance light on. Talk about an oven begging for a clean up. The inside walls looked like train boxcars replete with graffiti. But only in our oven, the grease artwork splattered all over and rolled down to the oven deck in strange mound configurations. Even on the top ceiling wall in back of the broiler heating elements, grunge and sludge collected. On the oven floor were mounds of charred drippings of all kinds – cheese, crumbs, even syrup and honey. Who knows what else? We have a very active family and everybody is either a budding gourmet chef or a culinary expert – but never the cleaning lady.

So it was up to me to face and deal with this unresponsive digital dial labeled “Clean Oven” on the control panel. I didn’t want to call for help from the appliance center. From previous experience they charge an exorbitant fee just to come and diagnose

Like magic. The folks came, waved their wand and voila! Oven, like new.

Like magic. The folks came, waved their wand and voila! Oven, like new.

the problem. Who needs that? I can tell just by manipulating the faceplate that it’s not working. I don’t need to pay somebody to tell me that. Okay, let’s try the old trick of soap and water. I did. My efforts didn’t even scratch the burnt waste matter.

I called my friend Thelma who worked at a big department store downtown. After I told her my tale of woe, she said, “Get online and go to Can’t chat now… Later.”

And so I did.

To deal with cleaning an oven with stubborn deposits of burnt matter (the hardest type to clean), there’s nothing more effective than to let the real experts skillfully deal with the problem. I’m just glad I did.