Resolutions for the New Year


Water… flowing water. We take these natural creations for granted. It is time to be grateful.

Ever notice how the New Year brings about an urge to announce and declare resolutions? And we have a blast coming up with all sorts of goals and aims – even those that are clearly unachievable.

One thing for sure, we come up with a few of them – else we would have failed in our quest for self-betterment. What is your resolution for this coming year? Got it down yet? Writing it down on a 3 x 5 card helps. You can whip out the card each morning as you get up from bed, read and remind yourself of your goal.

My resolution for this new year is to walk in gratitude. I want to be grateful for everything I receive, give and take – from God, from my fellow-man, from friends, from family, and even from total strangers. I just want to walk in gratitude.

Speaking of being grateful. Take the irrigation ditch, (photo at left) for instance. How many times have we walked along this waterway, this ditch and gave it one thought? Thoughts like, running water – how wonderful and how good it is to have fresh, clean, flowing water. I think of the desert, the dry, craggy outcroppings of rocks, the promontories that adorn the arid and barren land and the people who live there. How they would appreciate fresh water readily available to them instead of having to trek for miles to the nearest oasis. This irrigation ditch allows the water to reach into the far recesses of the foothills, to the fields of garlic and tobacco, to the little village cottages, shanties and huts, and to the livestock watering sheds. We are so blessed to have water and I want to not take these gifts for granted.

I walk in gratitude. Won’t you walk with me?