Our Kids Remain Hopeful

Outside classroom activity for our scholars is sponsored by two visiting members of the board

A little lunch of noodles and rice after a scheduled meeting comes under outside-classroom-activities for our scholars. Two visiting members of the board (who wish to remain anonymous) sponsored this luncheon meeting.

School registration is a couple of weeks away. Our Field Team goes through its busiest time throughout the school year. They gather the kids, take them to the local school uniform shop to be measured for their uniforms – skirts and blouses for the young ladies and pants and t-shirts for the young men. The kids are also measured for their pair of shoes – a pair of rubber shoes for the young men and a pair of patent leather flats for the young ladies. Then we have the athletic wear.

Later in the week, Field Team Director, Mr Albert D Bunoan gathers them for a luncheon meeting to discuss new policies from the scholarship committee that may affect their school practices. They go through introductions and an overall “kick off” for the school year. The lunch is simple enough: noodles and rice, rice crackers and sodas. This year two vacationing members of the board sponsored and donated funds for the luncheon meeting.

Here at corporate our Treasurer, Estrellita G Purugganan busies herself assembling the funding package. She remains hopeful we will be able to sponsor at the very least two, new scholars this year in addition to the current 20 whom we are sponsoring through several grades of high school. Director Albert Bunoan assures us his Field Team has already processed applications submitted by solid candidates for financial aid this year.

Our main concern remains the same. Will we have enough funds to launch school year 2013? The reason our small non-profit group raises funds all year round in a never-ending cycle of asking, requesting, and pleading for help from generous folks like you. We are asking you to donate to the scholarship fund via our secure online acceptance portal. We accept credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER). Any amount you wish to donate helps a child attend high school.

It is never too early or too late to donate. We use the scholarship funds all year round to support the schooling of our scholars, pay for tuition, books, school uniforms, school supplies, athletic wear, lab fees, computer use fees, USB storage device for computer work, and school projects. Help us by donating to the scholarship fund today.