A Mother’s Pride – by Juzel Ann Macanas

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Juzel Ann Macanas (right) poses with her mother onstage after she received her recognition award certificate

At last year’s graduation ceremonies, Juzel Ann Macanas, SAS Ai scholar class of 2012, made it to the honor roll receiving a recognition award for her excellent school work and good grades. To pin Juzel’s ribbon and to stand proudly by her daughter, Mrs Macanas attended the graduation ceremonies along with other SAS Ai scholars families.

As the ceremonies came to a close, the crowds morphed into smaller conversation groups. Juzel and her mom joined other honor roll students. They had hot coffee while others had iced water and soda. The conversation revolved around the obvious feeling of pride the parents felt for their kids excellent performance.

“I am so thrilled to see my daughter receive recognition for her work. She studies well into the night her father and I sometimes have to tell her to get some sleep,” stated a proud mother.

Mrs Macanas spoke softly and confidently, “My Juzel has done very well ever since elementary school. Her father and I keep our expectations for her at a very high level. I expect her to fully continue receiving recognition for her excellent school work. We believe she can transition into a government-funded college scholarship. Someday….after she finishes high school.”

Juzel blushed a little upon hearing her mother speak so highly of her expectations of her. She knows her family financial status. There is no money for college, why, there wasn’t even any money for high school. What was she thinking about? Yet from the way her mother speaks, she detects her confidence, she senses her deep pride in her daughter’s ability to succeed.

Mothers have high hopes and dreams for their kids. In Juzel’s case, Mrs Macanas takes great pride in Juzel’s abilities and hopes someday her daughter will succeed in whatever she wants to do. To that end, Mrs Macanas, like most mothers, will work hard and sacrifice her own self-comfort so that her children may succeed.

At SAS Ai we hear about, we see their pain, and we help these disadvantaged families in their daily struggle for sufficiency and dignity. We recognize that Education is Freedom. Therefore we help these bright kids who come from poor families get a good high school education at SAS. This is our mission and we aim to do a great job. With your help we can make that difference and support these parents whose pride and joy lie in the bright future of their children. Donate to the scholarship fund today.


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  1. Hai Juzel! You know what, I admired you because of your good attitudes and you accept and love who you are. You give your all best to be one of the outstanding student in SAS.


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