I Miss My Mother – by Rocel Ann Vinluan

Rocel Ann

Rocel Ann Vinluan – SAS Ai Scholar Class 2011-12

My mother works and lives in Agoo (pronounced ah-goo-oo), a town in the province of La Union, about 102 kilometers south of Tagudin. Without sounding too dramatic and overly sentimental, may I just say I wish I lived with my mother so I can spend time with her.

Life remains challenging for me and my family. My mother doesn’t make enough to support me and my siblings let alone finance my high school studies. My grandmother – she is so loving and good, God bless her – agreed to care for me while I attend SAS high school in Tagudin, courtesy of SAS Ai and its excellent scholarship program. I earn my keep and grandmother loves having me around to help her out with the spare parts business.

This past summer I spent time with my mother in Agoo. I can honestly say I have never had a more wonderful time spent with my Mom than these past couple of months. We did things together. She showed me how to sew and how to stitch. She showed me how to crochet and knit. I laughed when I saw the two pieces of knitting pins… they looked like the skewers that my grandmother uses to roast fish over live coals.

My mother told me she missed me and I cried because she never told me that before. I felt I had been a burden to the family that is why I live with my grandmother. Things are clearer now. I fully understand the reasons why I have to stay with my grandmother in Tagudin. Besides, how else would I finish high school at SAS?

And so my fun summer vacation also provided learning opportunities. My mother and I feel closer now. As I leave Agoo to go back to my grandmother’s place in Tagudin, I am going through emotional ups and downs. I feel my place is by my mother’s side. Yet realistically, I must go back to Tagudin because my grandmother needs me. My mother wants me to finish high school and so does my grandmother. With that said, I too want to finish my high school education at SAS. Unanimous… I look forward to the school year opening. I am ready for school.


2 thoughts on “I Miss My Mother – by Rocel Ann Vinluan

  1. Hey Rocel! I’m glad that you’ve spent a lot of time enjoying your summer vacation in Agoo, La Union together with your mother. I know that you really miss her. You know what, I really inspired with your story I find it worth reading and somehow I can relate with it. when I was reading your story, I became almost teary eyed.and there are several questions kept entering my mind, like, “what if I am also in the same situation like you?”. If there is one lesson that I learned from your story that was the importance of our family. We must please them by taking our studies seriously and by being a good child.
    thank you for your story, Because it made me realize that I have a great responsibility in my family and I must show that I am lucky that they became my parents. thank you once again, God bless you and your Family. GOOD LUCK!!!!


    • Thank you Melvie for your insightful comment to Rocel Ann’s post. I am sure that Rocel Ann makes the sacrifice of living with her grandmother because she appreciates being needed. She loves her mother dearly too. Thanks for posting.


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