SAS Ai Scholarship Program – How it Works

"It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."

“It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

Like the word “love,” the term “scholarship” has undergone many a metamorphosis. Take love first. When people mean to say they “like” mangoes, they rather exuberantly blurt out, “I love mangoes”. The same with scholarships. Even though the student recipient of the financial aid does not do well academically or at a scholarly level, that some group finances his or her studies makes the aid-recipient a scholar. Many groups profess to do good works, even charitable works, such as, giving aid to student recipients for a myriad reasons – all mind-boggling just the same. The announcement clamor and din is deafening.

The SAS Ai scholarship program stands high and above this loose amalgamation of “handout” programs masquerading as scholarships, as the gold standard scholarship program to help bright students who come from poor families get a good high school education at SAS through financial aid.

The program uses this twofold criteria with no strings attached:

  1. The student applicant must come from a disadvantaged family with a gross annual income of less than P50,000, or $1167 USD depending on the exchange rate
  2. The student applicant must have a grade point average (GPA) of 85% or better

And here is where the SAS Ai scholarship program leaves the rest of the pack huffing and puffing in the dust. SAS Ai offers the most generous package ever. For every sponsored scholar, the annual financial aid pays for:

  • Tuition – matriculation costs
  • Books, reference materials and publications
  • School uniforms – Skirts and blouses for the young ladies and a pair of pants and T-Shirts for the young men
  • Pair of shoes and socks – patent leather shoes for the young ladies and a pair of rubber shoes for the young men
  • Athletic wear for PE and intramural sports – (the scholar’s family pays for special uniforms for volleyball and/or basketball teams)
  • School supplies – stationery, writing tools, notebooks, sewing kit, crayon kits, paper
  • Computer Lab fees, family fees, miscellaneous fees
  • Internet Cafe fees for online research and eMail services
  • A USB storage device for every scholar to store computer school work

Refinements of the SAS Ai program that sets it far and apart from the “random acts of kindness” dubbed as scholarships:

  • If accepted to the program after a battery of pre-tests, interviews, home visits to establish need, parental guarantee of coöperation, scholars are held accountable for maintaining their grade point average to 85% or higher.
  • The local SAS Ai Field Team headed by Director Albert D Bunoan stays on top of all scholars:
    • taking care of their school supply needs,
    • looking after their personal safety and welfare
    • disseminating pertinent information from corporate.
    • The Field Team also regularly files update reports to the board of trustees (BOT) on periodic exam results, and on status of scholar’s school work and attendance.
  • If accepted to the program, all scholars are held to a high standard of personal behavior, active community involvement, and exemplary social, spiritual, and emotional development.
  • If accepted to the program, all scholars must acquire skills in the use of current technologies to electronically communicate and to develop a good oral and written command of the English language used in business communications.
  • We recruit prospective applicants from all over the public school system, in Tagudin, Santa Cruz, Sudipen and Bangar, La Union, Suyo, keeping the competitiveness for acceptance tight and keen
  • When recruiting prospective applicants we look for inner-drive and reason, maturity and a dire financial need with no strings attached. More specifically, SAS Ai does not expect or need everlasting loyalty, allegiance and/or payment in kind from the families of accepted scholars.

If you know of anyone – a family in need who may want to send their bright and highly motivated child to attend SAS high school, please let us know. Click on this link to find out more about SAS Ai, Inc. and how to make a tax-deductible donation to support the scholarship fund. We solely rely on our generous donors and mission supporters to send these bright scholars to Saint Augustine School.