A Time For Bonding – by Maiah Genelle Dauz

Maiah Genelle Dauz

Maiah Genelle Dauz enjoys the summer with her siblings and her Mom… it was a time for bonding and good times


Tina Laycano, SAS Ai sponsor

Maiah Genelle Dauz (photo at left) is a SAS Ai scholar sponsored by Tina Laycano of Canada (photo at above right). Tina worked for the Canadian government as a computer and networks analyst and has since retired. Like Maiah, Tina hails originally from Barangay Dardarat.

Maiah sent us this short article she wrote about her summer vacation spent there locally in Barangay Dardarat.

“Summer vacation affords us time for myriad activities. Some activities involve long road trips to the metropolitan city of Manila, certainly a sojourn accented with detailed plans for elaborate evenings of dancing and fine dining.

Other activities include visits with relatives who work and live far away – some as far away as Australia and Canada. I heard about a couple of friends who spent time with relatives in Mindanao – a long way from Tagudin. Mindanao is the southern most island of the Philippine archipelago. I heard stories of them eating large pineapples, duhat, Guimaras mango, santol, rambutan, jackfruit, and dorian. My mouth watered at the mere mention of these exotic fruits.

For me, summer vacation was necessarily kept simple but loaded with fun. My older brother and sister came home to spend a couple of days with us. They took breaks from their work – something I knew they could ill-afford at this time. Yet they were there; it made my mother very happy.

This summer school break I realized that this time of year isn’t only for vacations. It is also a time for making memories with family; it is time for bonding. I dearly love spending time with my mother – no matter what we do – it could be as simple as a trip to the public market, or a short trip to the rice mill to buy a ganta of rice. When I am with my mother I feel like I am walking on soft cotton clouds. I just love my mother’s company.

I made sweet memories this summer – not only with my mother but also with my siblings.

A famous saying goes, “Time flies when you are having fun.” This summer was no different for me – my family and I enjoyed boatloads of fun. The couple of days my older brother and sister spent with us were gone even before I could unpack their handbags and tell them my stories. Good thing I bonded with them. With their busy schedules who knows when we will all get together again?

Soon the school year begins. Once again we will work hard with our studies. This year I want to make sure my generous sponsor, my Tia, Ms Tina Laycano will feel proud of my accomplishment. I made up my mind to write her to let her know how I am doing. I will also write to the members of the board to thank them and assure them of my ongoing drive to succeed and to be in the honor roll.

Summer’ been way too short. Where has the time gone? By the way, did you get to bond with your family?”