A Fulfilling Summer Break – by Melvie Legaspina

Melvie Legaspina, SAS Ai Scholar Class 2011-12

Melvie Legaspina, SAS Ai Scholar Class 2011-12

Toward the end of the school year all my friends and I could enthusiastically talk about was the coming summer vacation. We all needed a break from school. Homework assignments, classroom activities, school projects, not to mention the never-ending pop quizzes and periodic examinations have all but sapped the last ounce of our energies. The mere mention of summer vacation electrified the atmosphere. We dreamed and we kept on talking.

All Green

Home Sweet Home – in the middle of green fields with banana trees, at the edge of a lush forest

Some of my SAS Ai scholar friends talked about escaping with family to faraway places. Others talked about trying new adventures and visiting relatives who lived in nearby provinces. A couple of classmates declared their upcoming trip and break to the big city. I felt a tingle up my spine when they mentioned the “Big City”. They were talking about the big city of Manila. Blinking neon lights danced in the back of my head, tall buildings rising up skyward, and rows upon rows of them adorning the city skyline. I swallowed hard as I tried to mask my intimidated pride and feelings of envy percolating to the surface. I was happy for them and I told them so.

For me, I knew my parents couldn’t afford such trips. I resigned myself to the idea of staying local. Indeed I will spend my summer vacation in my home sweet home – right in the middle of the green rice fields, accented with banana trees and edged by a lush forest of mangoes, santol trees, longboy and sarguelas.


The irrigation water flows by the coconut trees and banana trees through the property

Besides, my father had planted new cash crops and he needed help not only in making sure the irrigation system flowed unimpeded but also in making sure the seedling beds were properly watered and weeded. My mother, bless her heart, also expected me to look after the vegetable garden out back, watering it and making sure the goats didn’t break in to ruthlessly feast on the morangi leaves and sweet purple yam shoots.

In between trips to the fields I managed to read two books. I did some deep thinking too about the coming school year. I have set my priorities, the most important of which is to learn all that I can learn and be the best scholar.

The little help I gave my parents during the summer break made me fill good and fulfilled. I noticed how my father would usually work in the fields starting early and working until sunset, walking home in the darkening dusk of twilight. During my summer break my father was able to come home earlier, joining us for family dinner. What a great feeling that gave me.

Every good thing comes to an end. The summer vacation is no different. Summer must leave so that the new school year can begin. So with a sad heart I bade my friend, Summer, farewell. Until next year… until next year.


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  1. Summer is not only having a vacation but making happy moments with our family. Like melvie I also spend my vacation in our house with my family. I made myself enjoyed by making happy moments with my siblings and my mama because I know that in the start of the school year, we will be busy. My mama, kuya and my ate will be busy in their own job, I and my younger brother will be busy also in our studies. In this case we will have a limited time to have a bonding. I really appreciated the work of melvie -A Fulfilling Summer Break because it portrait the common lifestyle of Filipinos during the summer.


    • Maiah Genelle your comment to Melvie’s article is an excellent summation of what you and your family did during your summer vacation. You brought up good points, most important of them is the time you spend bonding with family. Yes when the school year starts, this time of bonding will be impacted. You spent your vacation doing fun things with family – this is admirable. Your concluding statement rings true. Melvie’s account typifies the Filipino family lifestyle. Thank you for posting.


  2. Summer is indeed a family bonding time. It’s either out of town or at home. It doesn’t matter where you are the most important thing is you’re happy with your family. I really appreciate your story because as you know I experienced the same during school days. It’s really a heart-touching story.

    kyle zyra
    sasai scholar…


    • Thank you for your post Kyle Zyra. How wonderful it is when you can identify with the story because you yourself have experienced the same good experiences with family.


  3. Like Melvie my summer vacation is not also complete without my family.Having a bonding with them and sharing stories with them I’m happy. I hope it will happen again. I’m also happy for your family Melvie.



    • It’s great to see you drop by the BLOG and comment Cristina. Reading your post reminds me of my younger days spent in Farola, Bimmanga, Dardarat – with relatives and friends just visiting and telling stories. We also had plenty of sinuman and tupig during Santorum. Thanks for posting.


  4. Melvie I like your story! You know why? Its because of your understanding heart and mind. And as I obsereved you really show how good daughter you are to your parents by understanding them on what things they can only afford and give to you. You know Melvie your a good model for all!

    And because of the lessons that I had learned to this beautiful story I want to say thank you very much to Melvie because she let me know that there is no other place to be better than our home!

    Everlyn Jamandra


    • What an excellent comment Everlyn! You also express yourself very well and I am happy to see progress. Keep on posting and commenting. Read all the posts in the BLOG and learn from the things you come across that you like. Thanks for posting.


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