A Success Story

Jonel Leal

Jonel Leal (center) shows his certificate of recognition award, flanked by his Mom Mrs Monica Leal (left) and the Field Team Director, Mr Albert D Bunoan

The Field Team was at the Leal residence back in 2010 talking to Mrs Monica Leal and Jonel Leal about the scholarship program. It’s been a long, hot day and their trek to Ambalayat, where the Leals live, was long and tiring. The pre-qualifying process progressed slowly but they persevered and are they glad they did.

Today, Jonel Leal is an outstanding student at SAS high school going into his fourth and senior year.

During the first interview Jonel appeared too quiet, shy and even timid. The Field Team took a break to compare notes. Of the three Field Team reps, a couple gave Jonel an average rating. One remained high on Jonel. He observed that Mrs Monica Leal leaned heavily on her son, encouraging him to be more animated.

Jonel is a quiet young man who goes into deep thought when asked a question. He is not given to flashy exhibitions of flamboyance and open cockiness. He took his time answering questions. Sometimes going into a trance-like phase Jonel took his time giving cogent and well articulated answers.

When the Field Team politely asked Mrs Leal to leave them alone with her son, Jonel seemed to come alive. He appeared liberated, even emancipated. The Field Team left the Leal home late in the afternoon united in recommending him for the scholarship program. That was three years ago.

SAS Ai is so glad we gave Jonel an opportunity to attend high school with the scholarship program. He shows and typifies a SAS Ai scholar – in intelligence and in persistence.