TIKANLU Festival Tagudin Town Fiesta 2013 – by Fegie Yvette Layco

Fegie Yvette Layco, SAS Ai Scholar Class 2011-12

Fegie Yvette Layco, SAS Ai Scholar Class 2011-12

It is the fourth day of the Tagudin Town Fiesta 2013 Tikanlu Festival. This most awaited annual event turns the entire town of Tagudin into a veritable wonderland.

There are bands playing, people dancing, cotton candy machines whirring, kids crying – lost and frantically looking for their mothers, halo-halo ice shavings packed into overflowing glass cups topped with scoops of ice cream to stave off the heat, the town is rocking.

Visitors from adjoining towns, relatives from distant provinces, and some native Tagudinians who work overseas have come home to join in the fun. Goody – they have come home to spend some of their hard-earned money. Good for the local economy.


An Ifugao Warrior dancing

Early this morning, we watched the Folk Dance competition. This competition event affords every school in Tagudin time to present its own dance number. Each school had its own highly trained dance troupe, bedecked in colorful costumes, holding and waving exotic props that included native swords, spears, and colorful loin clothes.


People line the streets

People lining the streets joined in the revelry and celebration. In the afternoon, my cousins and I watched the exciting Acrobatic Show. There must have been close to a thousand people inside the covered court.

The place became so crowded and packed to standing room only. As the inside temperature rose people unfurled their fans and furiously stirred the stale, unmoving air for relief. Their wrist movements flicking their multi-colored fans added more color to the scene as they coaxed the still air to move.


Acrobat flips in the air – a difficult maneuver that defies gravity

Showing great physical agility, strength and prowess the acrobats performed intricate stunts to the beat of the music. The most interesting stunt was the quadruple jump and twist. The acrobats executed flawlessly. Thundering applause raised the roof and shook the glass panes. The acrobatic presentation proved amazing to watch.

And that should bring you up to date with what is happening at the Tagudin town fiesta. Wish you were here!