SAS Ai Expects the Best from Its Scholars


Field Team Director Albert D Bunoan talks to SAS Ai President and CEO Atty Romeo J Somera, CPA during a luncheon meeting with the scholars

SAS Ai, Inc.’s scholarship program geared to help bright, promising kids who come from poor families attend SAS high school and graduate is not an entitlement program. To do its stated mission SAS Ai, Inc. is under no obligation to extend this assistance program. But it does so because SAS Ai believes that Education is Freedom.

When SAS Ai recruits, processes and qualifies an applicant for financial aid and finally selects the applicant as a sponsored scholar, SAS Ai fully expects only the best outcome from the contract. The sponsored student promises to abide by the scholarship rules, keep up good grades or better throughout the school year, and show steady improvement in all aspects of academic growth and social development. In turn SAS Ai registers the scholar to attend SAS, provides school uniforms, shoes and school supplies, assigns the scholar under the care and watchful eye of the Field Team to check his or her progress.

Such an arrangement demands accountability from all parties. In essence this keeps the scholarship program worthy of support in the eyes of the donors. No other scholarship program works within such a structured, manageable and successful process.

SAS Ai takes pride in their record. Maintaining maximum transparency in their financial dealings with the school, with donors, vendors and other business entities, SAS Ai conducts its business openly.

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