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2012 Awards

SAS Ai, Inc. Winner of the 2012 Greatnonprofits Top Rated Awards

Writes Melanie Florentino, Sales & Mktg Director, Public Relations Vice-Chair and Philippine Bureau Chief (read more of Melanie’s short bio):

“I am extremely proud to be affiliated with SAS Ai, Inc. as a volunteer. Our mission is to help bright, promising kids who come from financially deprived families get a good high school education at a decent and respected school – SAS.

Other organizations also offer financial aid to needy kids but SAS Ai’s very makeup and program efficiency make its aid package to stand out. SAS Ai’s all volunteer staff selflessly and tirelessly performs its duties and responsibilities, working and collaborating together, sharing their time, talent, and precious resources. The SAS Ai financial aid program is the most generous of its kind; SAS Ai’s Field Team, under Director Albert D Bunoan, runs it efficiently.

SAS Ai’s mission does not end with merely soliciting donations to the scholarship fund; it extends way beyond and over fund-raising activities. The mission includes coaching, role modeling, personal guidance, counseling services to our scholars and community outreach.

SAS Ai provides free high school education to bright kids who are financially poor. Perhaps what SAS Ai does may seem like a simple way of caring, compared to the bigger programs, such as, UNESCO, UNITED WAY, or The RED CROSS. SAS Ai’s educational welfare outreach nevertheless greatly impacts children’s lives. SAS Ai wishes only to help more kids – deserving because of their pure intellectual abilities and their intense want to learn, but stilted in growth by abject poverty.

Donations to the scholarship fund from generous people can change this equation from hopelessness to hopefulness, from uncertainty to a window of opportunity, from ignorance to enlightenment. It is SAS Ai’s hope this educational opportunity propels them to pursue and chase after their dreams and aspirations. Every precious child has a right to be free. Education is freedom.

SAS Ai does its work in the true spirit of charity – the absolute finest rendition of same – in the world!”