2012 Awards

SAS Ai, Inc. Winner of the 2012 Greatnonprofits Top Rated Awards

Writes Zaidee Tumangan, Business Entrepreneur:

“The scope of work that it entails to keep a nonprofit organization afloat is not easy. It takes guts and an extraordinary business acumen to do so. After all, nonprofit organizations are not after making a profit. Instead, it is a business for a cause.

Witnessing the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of everyone involved at St. Augustine School Alumni International – whether in management, as a volunteer, fund-raiser, and/or field team member – made me a BELIEVER. I started as a donor and recently invited to become a member of the Board of Trustees. It gives me great pride to be working with these dedicated and hard-working volunteers.

I once read that our greatest responsibility in life is to take care of one another. St. Augustine School Alumni International mission statement epitomizes this responsibility. My hope as a donor and a member of this organization is for every person to find that call in their hearts.

To our scholars, keep up the good work. It is a privilege to be able to join and help you in this very remarkable journey. All of you think that what we have given you is something special, but, please know that what you are giving us in return is much more.”