A Silver Lining


There was no river to overflow. There was only rain and the devastating flood

It rained day and night with no let up. The water had no place to go. The storm drains clogged with dead leaves and other debris during the long drought and now these same drains failed to allow the run off to freely flow.

Misery. Devastation. The small houses suffered most as the water level rose. People became displaced seeking shelter in the most unlikely places – atop corrugated tin roofs, bridges, even junk piles in the dump. A cry for help rang out over the countryside.

SAS Ai, Inc. volunteered to broker a voluntary emergency collection among Filipinos living and working here in the United States, and elsewhere overseas. A few kind and generous souls came forward with their donations. SAS Ai then contacted the local municipality and informed the mayor of the emergency funds transmitted to his administration for distribution to the victims. SAS Ai also informed the Principal of St Augustine School of a forthcoming emergency aid package from the overseas Filipino workers for the victims of the typhoon and the flood.

When the rains stopped and the waters receded and the flood victims returned to what was left of their homes, the Mayor’s office and the Principal’s office had already distributed the aid package to 98% of them. The aid was given in a very timely manner.

Although emergency help is not SAS Ai’s primary mission, we can thank the President and CEO of SAS Ai, Atty Romeo J Somera, CPA whose prompt action helped the typhoon victims with the emergency collection. In this instance SAS Ai performed community outreach services, the very umbrella wherein the SAS Ai scholarship program falls under.