You Just Don’t Know. . .

Father Daughter at Graduation

Mr Legaspina pins the honor ribbon awarded his daughter, SAS Ai scholar, Melvie Legaspina

One of our scholars, Melvie Legaspina penned this short tribute to all our sponsors who support SAS Ai’s mission to help these bright kids get a high school education.

“To all our sponsors who support us,

You just don’t know how greatly you impact our lives with your generosity and kindness. You inspire us with your selfless giving. You encourage us with your example of hard work and high achievement. Successful in your own fields, we aspire to be the same as you someday. We thank you.

Your constructive criticism, given in good faith hurts at first, but only a little. Then slowly we realize the value of your teaching and we gain in our experience. In school we strive hard to pass every test, to learn our lessons well and to become the best at what we do. Yet all our dreams and desires to improve our lives would be for naught if not for your help.

We thank you for being our role models and second parents too. We love you. Words are never enough, never adequate to express our gratitude for your support. Every day we proudly wear our school uniforms – and once more we remember your thoughtfulness because the scholarship award provides us these uniforms, and so too our shoes.

May God bless you for sharing your good fortune with the less fortunate among us. With much love and high regard for all of you – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sincerely yours,

Melvie Legaspina – SAS Ai Scholar”