Vacation Perspectives

“It’s summer time here in the Philippines,” Jonel Leal’s letter begins. “School’s out and here I am enjoying every minute of my vacation.”

As we read on with Jonel’s short note, he indicates he is a bit inundated with household chores. “I do help my mother though with tons of house chores…”

Oh my. He continues, “…and it’s always a pleasure working in the fields.” This sentence caught our imagination. The rice fields back where Jonel comes from grow lush and green. Situated in the foothills, the rice stalks emerge tall and sturdy, as opposed to spindly thin and willowy as what grows in the sandy bottom fields.

Towards the summer and heavily laden with grain, the rice stalks sway with the mountain breeze. In the case of rice grown in the fields of Ambalayat where Jonel lives, the expression to describe the billowing stalks would be “green waves of grain”. No wonder Jonel loves working in the fields.

He continues and ends his letter with:  “By the way, I have submitted my comment to regarding SAS Ai.  I am sure this would help our organization be recognized all over the world.”

Great perspectives.