Rose Ann Fajardo

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Rose Ann Fajardo as she looked when she first applied for scholarship

As she prepares for her senior year in high school, Rose Ann Fajardo took time to read our SAS Ai BLOG and comment. She read the “Luncheon Meeting” entry and posted, “SAS Ai takes a great responsibility. It is a big help for a student like me. I salute you all!”

Thank you Rose Ann for letting us know how we are doing and thank you for letting us know we can help you attend high school. We take our mission seriously. Education is freedom and it borders on crime to waste a brilliant mind. We go about our tasks with no showy proclamations and bombastic announcements. Our focus sharply identifies those bright kids who come from very needy families, those kids motivated to attend and finish high school. And we help them.

When Rose Ann first applied for financial aid to attend St Augustine School, the Field Team faced challenges dealing on accessibility. Rose Ann lives in Barangay Lantag. The road to the village winds through kilometers of brush and at times it follows the river’s edge. Still, the Field Team traveled to Rose Ann’s house to talk to her and her parents about the approved scholarship application. It was a joyous moment for all parties.

Now, Rose Ann begins her senior year in high school. One more year and it will finally be over. We are happy for Rose Ann and for her contemporaries from the same batch of scholars.


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  1. Hello Rose Ann!
    Your becoming a senior student in SAS is the culmination of your being a SASai scholar from your first year to fourth high school. We are so elated that consistently you have reach fourth year. Our best wishes Rose Ann and looking forward to your graduation with of course flying colors. Good Luck!!!


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