Are You Relevant?

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The Enguerra's

Resty and Mel Enguerra – very active in their missionary work overseas

You had a successful career. You reached the pinnacle of success, achieved awards, many medals, you made tons of money for the company, and negotiated many mega-deals. Your family’s grown, settled and your grandchildren adore you. You are now comfortably retired.

But wait. Are you relevant? What do you do to make your days count? What matters most to you, now that you feel you have done it all?

You see the past is gone and done. Whatever it was you did may have counted then, but that’s history. Many archives speak of history. But what about living in the now?

My friend Resty and his wife Mel act in relevant ways, going overseas once a year as missionaries to the poor kids in remote parts of the Philippines. All year-long their church gathers supplies for Resty and Mel to take to their mission. They bring with them medicinal supplies, clothing, canned goods, books, shoes and school supplies to give to these poor families. What they do extends their entire church community’s generosity to the poor in the world.

We invite you to do something relevant. Help these bright kids who come from poor families get a good high school education. It won’t break your piggy bank; that’s a promise. It doesn’t take much at all to give to the scholarship fund – just small change will help a poor kid immensely. Your relevant action results in these young and upcoming high school graduates lining up in the runway of life to take off. You see, education is freedom. By helping in our mission you are helping these kids take off, fly, and soar above and away from the gravitational pull of abject poverty.


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