New President Elected; PR Committee Formed

With his office term as SAS Ai, Inc. President and CEO ending this July 2013, Atty Romeo J Somera, CPA, asked members of SAS Ai to canvass the Board of Trustees (BOT) for interested candidates to take his place. He believes it’s never too early to search for possible candidates and for the nomination process to take shape.

A Presidential election was held, with Leonardjon Buenavista as the nominee and candidate. The election process also included a Public Relations Committee being formed with the following members:

  • Zaidee Tumangan – Chairman
  • Melanie P Florentino – Vice Chair and Philippine Bureau Chief
  • Albert D Bunoan – Member

Table 1 shows the president election results.

AYE votes

  1. Atty Romeo J Somera
  2. Crisostomo L Buenavista
  3. Albert D Bunoan
  4. Andring Ladi
  5. Jingle Uy
  6. Tina Laycano
  7. Estrellita G Purugganan
  8. Leonora L Sprenger
  9. Melanie P Florentino
  10. Alfredo J Somera
  11. Virgie Buban
  12. Willie Santamaria
  13. Leonardjon L Buenavista
  14. Lizzie Larioza
  15. Zaidee Tumangan
  16. Eden Dungan

NAY votes – 0

NOT voting – Lorna Labitoria Alay-ay