Scholarship Candidate Selection Process

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Our SAS Ai scholarship candidates for school year 2013 registered high and respectable Grade Point Averages at the end of their graduation year 2012. All proving competitiveness, their first hurdle was their state of financial need. Without exception, these kids all come from poor families with a gross annual income of less than PhP50,000 (Philippine Pesos). That roughly translates to $1167 USD.

The qualification process continues. Next, the Field Team administers the pre-test (Scholastic Achievement and Aptitude test) to check for readiness for high school work. Those passing the pre-test advance to fill out a formal application for the financial aid program. This formal application form includes:

  • background information questionnaire
  • written 500-1000 word essay on why attend high school and what guarantee does SAS Ai have the candidate completes the course
  • a disclaimer page – submitting false information disqualifies an applicant
  • Character references and Signature page

Applicants with “strongly passing” applications interview with the Field Team to check the candidate’s communication skills and spoken English language skills.

At this juncture in the process the Field Team informs the scholarship committee with their first candidate findings and recommendations.

The Scholarship committee informs the Field Team of the applicants selected on the “first pass” after evaluation of application forms, pre-test results, paperwork and interview results.

These first pass selectees get visited by the Field Team in their homes to clearly corroborate and establish true financial need per their statements in the signed application form.

From the poll of candidates successfully passing this visitation, the Field Team sends a final list of recommended applicants to the scholarship committee for finalization.

The scholarship committee sends the Field Team a final list of selectees for the school year.

The Field Team invites back candidates making it to the final list for a final interview along with both parents in attendance to sign the scholarship contracts.

Lastly, the Field Team notifies the candidates and parents of their final choice and acceptance to the scholarship program. The President and CEO and the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee jointly send congratulatory letters to all selected candidates.


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  1. It would be a painstaking job for the field team. But it is a noble job indeed. Please accept my deepest appreciations. To the applicants-satudents, I wish you all the best of luck!


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