Imagine. . .

Scholars at the store

Imagine if these bright kids never attended high school just because their families are too poor to send them to high school… what kind of future would they have?

What does the future hold for these bright kids who come from poor families?

They want so much to attend high school and to finish it – yet can only dream about it.

They own academic skills, an aptitude to learn, and a burning want to rise above the clutches of poverty that’s pinned them down all their life.

We see these kids – they are all around us – and we can help them. Can you imagine yourself doing nothing to help them become more hopeful by helping them get a good high school education? Can you imagine yourself being unmoved by their plight when all it takes is for you to give a little donation to the scholarship fund – and SAS Ai does the rest handling your investment?

School year 2013 starts in a month or two. Now is the time to give them a hand. Now is the time to share your blessings with these bright kids so they can attend high school and become hopeful again. Now is the time to send in your donation to the scholarship fund. Imagine… you are investing in the future!


Registration Day is Here

Registration Day

Registration Day is a Happy Day specially for the new SAS Ai scholars

2013. A new school year at SAS. New faces. New surroundings. Overwhelmed by the registration activities, pre-school activities, and meetings with the Field Team, our new SAS Ai scholars move about in a daze. Our returning scholars move with more ease and purpose. Exciting and at the same time emotionally draining, our “newbies” go through the day’s registration activities.

Certainly a highlight of registration day covers the fitting of school uniforms. T-Shirt and Pants for the boys, a blouse and a skirt for the girls. A pair of rubber shoes and socks for the boys and a pair of patent leather shoes and socks for the girls. For most of our scholars, if not all, life hasn’t been very giving. These kids live in austere, spartan surroundings.  This would be the first time they would actually enjoy trying on new clothes and shoes – quite a thrill for all of them.

Foremost in our minds are our generous donors, contributors to our scholarship fund, without whose support and charitable actions, our goal and mission would not be in place for these bright kids. We take this time to thank all our supporters and contributors. Please continue to send in your donations to the scholarship fund.

Our Field Team facilitates and handles the registration activities making sure all our scholars receive proper attention. This makes for a long day for our Field Team members.