A Letter from Cailyn Templeton

Cailyn Templeton Letter

Cailyn Templeton, an 8th grader from Tuffree Middle School in Placentia, CA writes us about her desire to help our noble charity.

Addressed to “Whom It May Concern,” Cailyn sent her letter to our SAS Ai Treasurer in Ashburn, VA. Cailyn serendipitously pointed to where we send our much needed donations to the scholarship fund.

It came as a pleasant surprise for us that such a young person like Cailyn can feel for our mission and cause. She attends Tuffree Middle School in Placentia, CA under the tutelage of Mr Michael Young, who teaches language arts at Tuffree.

We are going to respond to her request for resources. Though we have limited resources since we are a small non-profit organization, we will send Cailyn what we have in terms of postcards and brochures. We will also point to her our various websites where she can direct others interested to know more about our mission.

Thank you Cailyn for your interest.