Time’s Running Short

Scholars working

They finally get to use a laptop computer

Imagine the thrill these kids felt upon the arrival of a newly donated laptop computer for them to use for online research. They must have spent all night at the keyboard. Here pictured are (L-R) Jonel Leal, Karen Laurente, and Ina Gabaldon putting the new laptop through its paces. There had been a sleep-over scheduled at Mr Albert Bunoan’s home that weekend. The scholars took advantage of the occasion to use the laptop. To some of them it was their very first time to use a computer.

Our financial aid program supports these kids because they come from very poor and disadvantaged families. Secondly, these kids show academic potential, inner drive, and the smarts to complete a high school education.

This year’s program begins in the April-May registration time frame with classes opening come June 2013. For each student we sponsor, we need $540 dollars USD for the entire year. This pays for the tuition, books, lab fees, school uniforms, school supplies, athletic wear, Internet Cafe fees for research, a USB storage stick for their computer work.

We only have a short time left to come up with the necessary registration money. Help us with your donation come up with the $6500 USD fund-raising goal. Let us together help these kids attend high school. Education is freedom and we want to help these kids rise up and be free from poverty. With a good high school education for starters, we launch them on their way to bigger and better opportunities.

Please help with your donation to the scholarship fund.