“…For the Kids’ Schooling”


Liza Bagalla Valdez lives and works in Hong Kong

Liza attended and graduated from St Augustine’s School (SAS) in 1983. Originally hailing from the town of Galimuyod, Ilocos Sur province, she now lives and works in Hong Kong.

We received a note from Liza one day asking how she may donate to the scholarship fund, if and as her current employment situation allows.

You can just imagine our pleasant surprise. And to think that even in her daily endeavors to make it she thinks of helping others get a high school education at SAS.

She asked whom she should send her donation to the scholarship fund. In her short note Liza typified our donors and supporters in their generosity and thoughtfulness toward others. Our donors make it possible for us to help these bright kids get an education.

Liza stands out among our many supporters because although she is by no means a very wealthy person she gets it. Ultimately we are responsible for helping others. Thank you Liza for your generosity.