A Letter from a Grateful Scholar

Hello sir! How are you?

Thank you Sir for helping us get a high school education at St Augustine School. Another year just ended. It has been a good year – lots of hard work, hard studying and some challenging projects; it was our junior year of high school. I am feeling rather sad to see the school year come to an end yet very excited and can’t wait for Senior year to begin.

For the past three years SAS Ai has continued to support us. The journey is almost over – just another year and we’ll all be done, graduated; God willing. It’s hard to believe we’ve been going to school for three years. It seems as if just the other day we were applying and competing to be accepted into the program.

The help SAS Ai provides us touches me deeply. I can concentrate on studying because I don’t have to worry if and when my tuition fee has been paid. In my mind and heart I marvel at the kindness and generosity of our donors and sponsors. Without their help and donations to the scholarship fund, we would not be able to attend St Augustine School. I pray that God blesses our generous donors.

I close my short letter with a sincere Thank You Sir for everything. Thank you for encouraging us to love learning. Thank you for inspiring us to apply ourselves in our studies. I feel proud, honored and privileged to be one of SAS Ai’s scholars.


Rose Ann Fajardo