Very Important People


You are the crown jewels of our non-profit operation

Our scholars from time to time ask this question, “Who sponsors our studies? Who are these kind folks who help us attend high school?”

Our reply:  “Very important people from all over the world.”

We can sum up the immeasurable importance of our donors and supporters this way. Without their financial help we could not in turn assist these bright kids attend high school. It costs $540 USD to send one student through one year of high school. This pays for tuition, books, school uniforms (pair of pants and t-shirt for the boys and a blouse and skirt for the girls), athletic wear, school supplies, Internet Cafe fees for research and email, and a USB storage stick for their computer work. Our donors give whatever desired amount they wish to give. That is the entire operation.

Our sponsors and donors come from all walks of life. They are working folks and retired folks. They are service people and top executives. One common thread binds them:  the belief that education is freedom.

We could never thank enough our donors for their kindness, consideration and generosity. In response to their financial support, our scholars attempt to successfully finish school, attaining the highest possible grades and graduating in the Honor Roll.