She weaves the buri strips into light-colored place-mats in her arts and crafts class but sees her father and the sea painted on each one of them

Her father died the year she qualified for the SAS Ai financial aid program to attend Saint Augustine School. Devastated by her loss she nevertheless courageously bore her hurts, collected herself and decided to move on with her life.

Dealing with her grief while attending school presented many challenges. Her heaviest burden dealt with the persistent and indelible memories of her late father. She saw his likeness upon his fishing nets draped over an idle fishing boat. She saw her father in the bursting sea wave, green, cool and inviting. She remembered her father’s occupation – an avid, all-weather fisherman of the sea.

In her arts and crafts class where she wove buri palm frond strips into light place mats, she would see images of her father pulling his net clearly embossed upon each place mat. She felt burdened by these visions at first but as time passed she finally learned to deal with these ever-present images of her father. He lives on in her memories certainly. Perhaps her father’s famous expression, “Don’t forget – remember always,” simply means just that.