One Success Story


The road she chose demanded excellence

Graduation. Bells and noisemakers. The capping ceremony happened in a blur. The Board exams came and went. Hard studying paid off. All said and done the road traveled faded in the background. The road ahead came into sharp focus. The big things lay ahead. It seeped into her consciousness as she accepted and put on her RN pin. A Registered Nurse – at last.

Her story fits, parallels, and mirrors yours and mine. No secret formula to her success, no magic wand – just pure hard work, persistence, drive, focus and all those job requirements that wring blood, sweat and tears out of us. She took it one step at a time, one day at a time.

The choices we make decide how successfully we negotiate the way to the finish line. The choices we make regulate how well we do and they give us the necessary skills to know when we have arrived.

Like a bean sprouting this young woman transcended the stigma of life in poverty. She worked two-part time jobs to put herself through nursing school. Forsaking a social life she spent her weekends in the library reading and familiarizing herself with research methodologies.

She disproved the popular myth that beauty and brains seldom go together. She’s living proof the statement is baseless. This young woman’s career trajectory shows a noticeably upward angle. Her poise and demeanor speak of great achievements to come. We wish her well.