School Year 2012 Honor Roll and Parangal Awards

Mr Albert D Bunoan, Field Team Leader filed this report on 3-16-2013
School year 2012 proved to be another good year for SAS Ai Scholars. We proudly announce to all our donors, sponsors, supporters, and backers the names of those scholars who made it to this school year’s Honor roll:
  1. Fegie Yvette Layco – 7th Grade
  2. Juzel Ann Macanas – 7th Grade
  3. Mariella Stephanie Lynne Tacho – Sophomore
  4. Karen Paola Makil – Junior
We also proudly recognize the following scholars for “almost” making it to the Honor roll but for hundredths of a point. They have worked hard all year and gave it their best shot:
  • Melvie Legaspina – Sophomore
  • Jonel Leal – Junior

PARANGAL Awards – given annually to students who:

  • Exemplify themselves in, or excel in school activities other than academics. For example, Quiz Bees, Intramural sports/athletics and other inter-scholastic competition in the field of Journalism and/or the Arts
  • Participate in community programs, such as, helping typhoon victims, cleaning public streets, trash disposal, and other forms of community volunteer work
  • Participate in leadership training, workshops and seminars

The following scholars received the PARANGAL award:

  • Fegie Yvette Layco – 7th Grade
  • Mariella Stephanie Lynne Tacho – Sophomore
  • Karen Paola Makil – Junior
  • Jonel Leal – Junior

Report cards made available on April 4, 2013.