SAS Ai Sponsor

PP2 Sison

Jose “Pepito” Sison is a SAS alumnus who believes in the mission

Mr Jose “Pepito” Sison, his family and kids now live and work in the state of Michigan. From the town of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur and like most of us, he immigrated to the United States in search of a better future. He found his specialty niche in the field of butchering and according to Pepito, he is the world’s fastest butcher. That may very well be true.

Finally settling down on a job he enjoys, Pepito spends his spare time playing his guitar and singing, working with his computer and tablet, spending time with his lovely wife and kids, and fine toning his physique with body building exercises and intensive aerobics.

A former student and graduate of St Augustine School, he fondly recalls and tells many stories about his high school days. He smiles as he remembers his school days spent under the strict tutelage of the nuns and missionary priests. He gratefully acknowledges their help and believes that more gifted students should attend this good school.

To this end he contributes to the SAS Ai scholarship fund with a monthly allotment. Mr Sison believes in helping these bright kids who come from disadvantaged families get a good high school education. In his humble way, Mr Sison shows the giving spirit resident in all of us. SAS Ai thanks Mr Sison for his staunch support of our mission.