SAS Ai Excursion to Vigan

Vigan – The capital city and seat of the provincial government of Ilocos Sur province sits 300 or so miles north of Manila. Leonardjon Buenavista and Albert D Bunoan escorted the scholars on this educational trip.

Vigan City saw and hosted the Spaniards when they came to colonize the Philippines many years ago. They built their garrison here. Spain left an indelible footprint in this city more so than in any other place in Northern Luzon. The city preserves the “old” section, complete with the older homes with ornate balconies, the cobblestone alleyways, the narrow thoroughfares, the old carriage stop hostel-stable-and-foundry, the cathedral and cemetery. The Spaniards left all these as their legacy to a people whom they considered their underlings.

Today, Vigan City has a zoo, an expanded public market, wider streets and modern-day communications towers dotting the landscape. The scholars loved their tour of the zoo. How could they not enjoy seeing a camel for the very first time in their lives? Other places they visited and toured included the bishop’s palace, the cathedral for its fine art work and ornaments, the public market place to see the conduct of commerce, the old city with its horse-drawn carriages still plying the streets, the livery stable, hostel and inn.

Leonard and Albert treated the scholars to a very nice lunch.

On their way home they climbed the hundred steps leading up to the old church in the town of Santa Maria (this is the last slide).


Scholars Sing Thank You to All Donors

Leonardjon Buenavista, a member of the Board of Trustees who was home on vacation in Tagudin, shot, directed and produced this SAS Ai video. We share it with you here expressing our gratitude to Engr Buenavista for his work.

The video shows the SAS Ai scholars introducing themselves and singing thank you to their sponsors. Additionally it shows the scholars working together during a break from their classroom activities.