A Letter from Cailyn Templeton

Cailyn Templeton Letter

Cailyn Templeton, an 8th grader from Tuffree Middle School in Placentia, CA writes us about her desire to help our noble charity.

Addressed to “Whom It May Concern,” Cailyn sent her letter to our SAS Ai Treasurer in Ashburn, VA. Cailyn serendipitously pointed to where we send our much needed donations to the scholarship fund.

It came as a pleasant surprise for us that such a young person like Cailyn can feel for our mission and cause. She attends Tuffree Middle School in Placentia, CA under the tutelage of Mr Michael Young, who teaches language arts at Tuffree.

We are going to respond to her request for resources. Though we have limited resources since we are a small non-profit organization, we will send Cailyn what we have in terms of postcards and brochures. We will also point to her our various websites where she can direct others interested to know more about our mission.

Thank you Cailyn for your interest.


In The Beginning


Principal Reynard Andaya

Bimmanga Elementary School Principal Reynard Andaya believes Education is Freedom

Bimmanga Elementary School Principal, Reynard Andaya (since transferred to another school within the same school district), was the first public school official to recognize the SAS Ai, Inc. financial help program for its high quality management and operation.

To this point, he highly recommended Maria Cristina Javier, the graduating class salutatorian to the program, giving her a strong recommendation. This school year 2013, Cristina will enter SAS high school as a senior.

In those days SAS Ai’s program was the newest in town. Many groups offered scholarship help to various students under a multitude of programs. Most resulted in drop-outs, and outright wasted resources due to non-completions. These sponsoring groups did not realize that unsupervised and with no accountability, the beneficiary had no responsibility to complete the course.

SAS Ai, Inc., the gold standard of scholarship programs, maintains a presence on campus through the Field Team. SAS Ai scholars are held accountable for maintaining their grades at a certain level of excellence, their behavior on and off campus, and their academic, social, and leadership development. The Field Team oversees their welfare and regularly checks with the classroom teacher for updates on all scholars.

Principal Reynard Andaya knew very early on that the SAS Ai program would set the standard of measurement to these assistance programs. The last time we spoke with Mr Andaya, he heaped praises on the Field Team for their work ethic, the program itself for its effectiveness, and for SAS Ai – for its community outreach.

“Who could ever imagine our little school ever successfully recommending one of its own brightest and neediest kids for scholarship help – and making it?” Mr. Andaya was ecstatic.

Time’s Running Short

Scholars working

They finally get to use a laptop computer

Imagine the thrill these kids felt upon the arrival of a newly donated laptop computer for them to use for online research. They must have spent all night at the keyboard. Here pictured are (L-R) Jonel Leal, Karen Laurente, and Ina Gabaldon putting the new laptop through its paces. There had been a sleep-over scheduled at Mr Albert Bunoan’s home that weekend. The scholars took advantage of the occasion to use the laptop. To some of them it was their very first time to use a computer.

Our financial aid program supports these kids because they come from very poor and disadvantaged families. Secondly, these kids show academic potential, inner drive, and the smarts to complete a high school education.

This year’s program begins in the April-May registration time frame with classes opening come June 2013. For each student we sponsor, we need $540 dollars USD for the entire year. This pays for the tuition, books, lab fees, school uniforms, school supplies, athletic wear, Internet Cafe fees for research, a USB storage stick for their computer work.

We only have a short time left to come up with the necessary registration money. Help us with your donation come up with the $6500 USD fund-raising goal. Let us together help these kids attend high school. Education is freedom and we want to help these kids rise up and be free from poverty. With a good high school education for starters, we launch them on their way to bigger and better opportunities.

Please help with your donation to the scholarship fund.

“…For the Kids’ Schooling”


Liza Bagalla Valdez lives and works in Hong Kong

Liza attended and graduated from St Augustine’s School (SAS) in 1983. Originally hailing from the town of Galimuyod, Ilocos Sur province, she now lives and works in Hong Kong.

We received a note from Liza one day asking how she may donate to the scholarship fund, if and as her current employment situation allows.

You can just imagine our pleasant surprise. And to think that even in her daily endeavors to make it she thinks of helping others get a high school education at SAS.

She asked whom she should send her donation to the scholarship fund. In her short note Liza typified our donors and supporters in their generosity and thoughtfulness toward others. Our donors make it possible for us to help these bright kids get an education.

Liza stands out among our many supporters because although she is by no means a very wealthy person she gets it. Ultimately we are responsible for helping others. Thank you Liza for your generosity.

A Letter from a Grateful Scholar

Hello sir! How are you?

Thank you Sir for helping us get a high school education at St Augustine School. Another year just ended. It has been a good year – lots of hard work, hard studying and some challenging projects; it was our junior year of high school. I am feeling rather sad to see the school year come to an end yet very excited and can’t wait for Senior year to begin.

For the past three years SAS Ai has continued to support us. The journey is almost over – just another year and we’ll all be done, graduated; God willing. It’s hard to believe we’ve been going to school for three years. It seems as if just the other day we were applying and competing to be accepted into the program.

The help SAS Ai provides us touches me deeply. I can concentrate on studying because I don’t have to worry if and when my tuition fee has been paid. In my mind and heart I marvel at the kindness and generosity of our donors and sponsors. Without their help and donations to the scholarship fund, we would not be able to attend St Augustine School. I pray that God blesses our generous donors.

I close my short letter with a sincere Thank You Sir for everything. Thank you for encouraging us to love learning. Thank you for inspiring us to apply ourselves in our studies. I feel proud, honored and privileged to be one of SAS Ai’s scholars.


Rose Ann Fajardo

Very Important People


You are the crown jewels of our non-profit operation

Our scholars from time to time ask this question, “Who sponsors our studies? Who are these kind folks who help us attend high school?”

Our reply:  “Very important people from all over the world.”

We can sum up the immeasurable importance of our donors and supporters this way. Without their financial help we could not in turn assist these bright kids attend high school. It costs $540 USD to send one student through one year of high school. This pays for tuition, books, school uniforms (pair of pants and t-shirt for the boys and a blouse and skirt for the girls), athletic wear, school supplies, Internet Cafe fees for research and email, and a USB storage stick for their computer work. Our donors give whatever desired amount they wish to give. That is the entire operation.

Our sponsors and donors come from all walks of life. They are working folks and retired folks. They are service people and top executives. One common thread binds them:  the belief that education is freedom.

We could never thank enough our donors for their kindness, consideration and generosity. In response to their financial support, our scholars attempt to successfully finish school, attaining the highest possible grades and graduating in the Honor Roll.

The Price of Compassion

Dining Room

Faceless in a crowd they shine in their own way when it comes to generosity

You listen to the small talk. “Good soup! Wonder what kind of beans they use?”

These folks came to join in the fellowship after the Sunday Mass. Mostly retired, they live on fixed income, volunteering at the church most days of the week. They were teachers, dental assistants, medics, nurses, librarians, cooks, accountants, and factory workers – some in management, some in the field and mostly individual contributors. At one time they excelled in their areas of ability.

Immersed in simpler living, their casual clothes and no-nonsense frugality puts them in a class of their own. Their generosity and compassion shine brighter than the sun. Would you believe these folks enthusiastically give to the SAS Ai scholarship fund to help these bright kids who are financially poor get a good high school education?

They collectively dismiss the myth that generosity resides only in the wealthier section of the community and that charitable works solely belong to the rich. Donors to our cause believe education is freedom. They prove their point by donating out of their need to the scholarship fund.

“The children must take flight. Education propels them to reach greater heights,” said Mary, a retired missionary school teacher and one time principal. How right on target. How important and relevant the sentiments and beliefs of our donors!

And we are eternally grateful. Like our donors – like Mary, we too believe education is freedom!