A Facebook LIKE is so Important. . .

Scott Fox of ClickMillionaires.com explains why Facebook Likes are important. He says the following:

Facebook Likes are “Social Proof, ” from you. These likes appear on your Facebook pages and they also appear on your friend’s Facebook pages and timelines. Your likes shown on these Facebook pages spread out in waves – ripples across the Internet. They appear on your BLOG posts, your comments and if you click on the like icon, you are actually broadcasting across the net your preferences. Social proof means you show your circle of friends, colleagues, acquaintances proof of the things you like. That covers the social aspect of Facebook Likes.

But more importantly, there is a business aspect of Facebook Likes too. When you click the like icon on a page you are affirming the contents of the page. You are telling the world you believe in the cause of the organization that owns the page. If the page is a non-profit organization, your LIKE Vote adds to the value of the cause promoted by the non-profit organization.

Which brings us to the point. You may think a click on the Facebook LIKE icon on the SAS Alumni International page is trivial; it is not. The whole world sees the things you like and if you are a fellow Augustinian and you haven’t yet visited the SAS Alumni International page and voted you LIKE us… then please do so immediately.

Tell the world you believe in our mission of helping young, bright kids who come from poor families get a good high school education at SAS through financial aid. Then after you click the LIKE icon, please give to the scholarship fund. Thank you.