SAS 2010 Centennial – SAS Ai KIOSK

Presidential Move

The President makes a move on the crowd massing at the SAS Ai KIOSK during the Centennial

The whole thing morphed into something funny. At the 2010 SAS Centennial celebration, SAS Ai fully participated in the festivities by providing three (3) venues to engage the attending public. First came the KIOSK, the operations nerve center for the entire SAS Ai team, then the Community Picnic held in Dardarat Beach, and of course we had the Centennial Ball complete with a live band, entertainment, raffles and prizes awarded.

The KIOSK opened for three consecutive days. On opening day, SAS Ai President and CEO, Atty Romeo J Somera, CPA took the lead. The team opened the day with public announcements and general information about SAS Ai and its mission, followed by sign-ups for the daily raffle. Melanie Florentino, our Sales and Mktg Director designed the KIOSK and furnished it with the needed counters and temporary cabinetry. On the main counter rested four jelly bean jars with the sign “Guess the correct number of jelly beans for a prize”. The people went wild over those jars.

As word got out about the KIOSK, its activities, promotional items, and goodies, a crowd of curiosity seekers formed three long lines and massed on all three open sides of the KIOSK. In the above photo, the President makes a quick get-away from the advancing horde. “Don’t you just love it?” he quipped as he hurried towards the awaiting vehicle.