SAS Ai Souvenir Shoppe

Shunnamite Woman

Hely Somera in her store that houses the SAS Ai Souvenir Shoppe

Tucked away in a small corner of a residential group of buildings, along the main road that goes through the town of Tagudin, behind the main SAS school building by the church belfry, and east of the municipal building, the Shunamite Woman store does a brisk business. Its owner, proprietor, operator and manager, Ms Hely Somera, volunteers with the SAS Ai Field Team. Her store sells SAS Ai souvenir items and operates as the main outlet for SAS Ai, Inc. memorabilia.

SAS Ai souvenirs

SAS Ai Souvenir Items

During the 2010 SAS centennial celebrations, many SAS alumni came home to attend. A few of them came by the store to see and inspect the merchandise on display. The tote bag proved most popular among the ladies while the baseball cap appealed to the men. The polo shirt proved a good seller as well.

Sales proceeds go to the SAS Ai scholarship fund. When visiting or stopping by the town of Tagudin, in Ilocos Sur, or for Tagudinians and fellow Augustinians who are home on vacation, stop by the Shunamite Store and pick up a SAS Ai souvenir item or two as a memento of your visit to the old Alma Mater. When you buy a souvenir you help send bright kids who come from poor families to SAS for their high school education. We thank you for your patronage and support of the mission.

Hely Somera

Hely Somera, the Belle of the 2010 SAS Ai Centennial Ball

Hely Somera took part in the 2010 SAS Ai Centennial Ball as one of the ushers and greeters of the many guests and dignitaries, and certainly as one of the Belles of the ball. She assisted the President and CEO of SAS Ai, Atty Romeo J Somera greet and seat the town mayor, the Honorable Jun Verzosa, and the vice mayor, Honorable Rogelio Lorenzana and their families.

A member of the Field Team, Hely Somera also helped Albert D Bunoan procure tables and chairs for the guests, buffet banquet tables for the food and beverages for the ball, balloons, bunting and other decorations.