FEB 9, 2013 SAS Family Day

Melvie Legaspina

Melvie Legaspina files a report – SAS Family Day

SAS Family Day – A report filed by SAS Ai scholar and high school sophomore Melvie Legaspina

Here at St Augustine School, we celebrated Family Day on February 9, 2013. The special day showcased many activities, prepared by the students and PASAS officers, performed by the student body. Activities included highly choreographed group dances, raffles with generous prizes, and various singing performances by people and choir groups. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The entire SAS student body, from grade school to high school performed  a tightly organized and energetically cadenced dance number to entertain our parents, teachers, visitors and guests. After the dance, we received a standing ovation that lasted for several seconds. But the most awaited part of the program however was the grand raffle draw to decide the first prize winner. The first prize was a Net Book.

Class Dance

The Dance

I am certain all the students vied, hoped for and wanted to win the Net Book first prize. One student won it but it wasn’t me; never been that lucky. As consolation, our class received the “Best in Performance” award for a dance number performed with fans and umbrellas. Our home room teachers who helped refine our dance number ecstatically and unashamed, expressed their joy for winning the award by jumping up and down and hollering wildly.

The exhausting day finally ended and as people went home I overheard them say positive things and comment favorably about how much they enjoyed watching the numbers and listening to the music. Though tired, I felt a tremendous amount of pride and a sense of accomplishment having taken part in the SAS Family Day activities.