SAS Ai Centennial Ball

Leonard and Melanie

Leonard and Melanie MC’eed at the SAS Ai hosted Centennial Ball

SAS Ai’s active participation in the 2010 SAS Centennial celebration included a Centennial Ball that invited all attendees to the festivities. The President and CEO, Atty Romeo J Somera, CPA, headed this event. Visiting members of the Board, the Field Team and all SAS Ai scholars and their parents also helped.

The dance band “Plectrum,” an entertainment group highly recommended by SAS Ai supporter Jose Pepito Sison of Michigan played and provided the evening’s choreographed dances with their troupe and acrobats.

Handling the MC and co-MC duties, Leonardjon Buenavista and Melanie P Florentino ably provided program coverage and continuity. Their main gig included calling the raffles, awarding prizes to the winners, and casting the spotlight on attending personalities from the different SAS class batches. They also arbitrated and took care of the prize disposal, as in the case of two winners claiming the same prize.

While many prizes went to the raffle winners, of note were Mr & Mrs Peter and Nora Sprenger from Canada, Board members and backers of SAS Ai, giving prizes and awards to the SAS Ai scholars for: (1) excellent school work, (2) good citizenship, and (3) Centennial Spirit, and (4) Most exemplary scholar. President Romeo J Somera liaisoned with the municipal and school dignitaries. Albert D Bunoan, other Board members, the Field Team took care of the logistics with the scholars and their parents.

All who attended enjoyed the Centennial Ball, rewarding SAS Ai for its sustained community outreach.