SAS Ai at the 2010 Centennial

Scholars and Parents

SAS Ai scholars and their parents attend briefing before the community picnic

SAS Ai participated in the 2010 SAS Centennial celebration in a major way, offering three venues and activities for all those attending and members of the community at large. The community picnic, headed by Tina Laycano and Andring Ladi involved all the scholars and their parents, members of the Field Team, members of the Board of Trustees who were visiting from abroad, and the SAS Ai President and CEO, Atty Romeo J Somera, CPA.

In the above photo we see the scholars seated in front with their parents seated directly in back of them. Scholars from left to right, Cristina Javier, Mirasol Literato, Ina Gabaldon, Michelle Pera and Jessa Lastimosa (who has since graduated) listen to the briefing. Members of the Field Team also sat at the back.

The community picnic proved successful serving close to 1750 people.