FAROLA and SAS Ai – Beacons


The “Farola” or Lighthouse helps ships at sea. Barangay Farola got its name after this lighthouse.

“Barangay” Farola (meaning barrio Farola, or a village named Farola) got its name from this lighthouse structure erected by the US Army Corps of Engineers when the Philippines was a US Territory and Commonwealth. In the local vernacular the word lighthouse translates to “Farola”.

This Farola stands along the shores of the South China Sea, in the town of Tagudin, province of Ilocos Sur, island of Luzon to warn mariners of dangerous rocks and shoals. Serving its purpose well, this lighthouse safely guided many nighttime landings of US troops during World War II.

To draw a purposeful parallel between SAS Ai and this lighthouse, we can cite the inherent benefit of financial aid to disadvantaged kids so they can attend high school. Just as the lighthouse guides the mariners safely on their charted courses, SAS Ai aids disadvantaged students toward earning their high school diplomas at SAS.

In many ways SAS Ai has become the beacon to other financial aid providers by showing them ways to properly carry out their program, by standing tall and exemplifying true leadership in the non-profit sector.