The Big Sleep-over

Sleep over

Scholars using the SAS Ai laptop donated by Jim and Wanda Parker of Florida

In addition to attending classes, our scholars take part in out-of-the-classroom activities, such as, hosted sleep-overs, picnics, educational excursions and community volunteer work. We find such activities helpful in developing camaraderie, friendships and good interpersonal relationships among the scholars. These extra-curricular activities also promote civic and environmental awareness, encourage peer-to-peer mentoring, and enhances development of social skills.

Hosted by Field Team Leader, Mr Albert D Bunoan and his wife, the SAS Ai scholars enjoyed a sleep-over at the Bunoan residence in Barangay Dardarat. After the event, Mr Bunoan filed a report with the Board of Trustees summarizing the agenda and observable results. The great meals prepared and served by Mrs Bunoan highlighted the event followed closely by the computer tutorials. The story telling was a close third in the event popularity scale.

Some of the comments:

“Sir Albert I hope and pray we do this sleep-over again soon,” declared an excited Rocel Ann Vinluan.

“Mrs Bunoan makes the best sweet rice cakes and the most delicious roasted chicken. Thank you Ma’am. Thank you Sir.” This statement came from three or four scholars.

“I learned how to send, copy and forward to multiple recipients email messages,” shared Michelle Pera.

“Thank you Karen Paola for helping me with my Math,” commented Randy Doctor, Jr.

Success! The sleep-over experience became the most talked about event of the quarter. We are looking next at an educational excursion to the old city of Vigan to visit the old Spanish era Bishop’s residence, the cathedral and the modern section of the city.