Heart in hand

We learn to give from our hearts early in life

“Here’s a chocolate chip cookie. Share it with your sister,” my mother’s voice still rings loud and clear in my head to this day.

She issued such commands lovingly that out of my deep respect for her I would follow them to the letter. Whether we remember it or not, our parents, elders, grandparents, aunts, uncles taught us some form of sharing early in life. In my old age I give and share not so much out of respect and obedience to my mother’s wishes but because it is a privilege to give.

As a youngster I’d walk a kilometer for a chocolate chip cookie. I squirreled away into my secret vault a stash of chocolate chip cookies, to keep it away from cookie beggars and snatchers. My mother knew me well and would remind me, “Share your chocolate chip cookies.”

In her wisdom my mother helped me acquire better habits. Over the years I’ve grown to appreciate my mother’s early influence. One day she caught me hoarding candy and other consumables. She calmly informed me, “You can’t eat it all and besides you can’t take it with you.”

Yes, we cannot take it with us. Let us share what we have with others, specially those in need, while we still can.